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Additional Questions and Answers

Q. Where do I go to get my driver’s license renewed?
A. The License Commission. Their office is located at the Henry County Court House 101 Court Square Abbeville, Alabama 36310.

Q: Where is the ALEA examiner located?
A. The Annex Building on Wednesdays only. Click here for more information or call (334) 604-5407.

Q. How can I register to vote?
A. Contact the Board of Registrars at (334)574-8586.

Q. What court is responsible for handling tickets issued by the Sheriff’s Office or Alabama State Troopers?
A. Contact the District Court at (334) 585-5712.

Q. What court would I go to if I receive a ticket from the City of Abbeville or Headland Police?
A. Contact the Municipal Court (334) 575-5648.

Q. Where is the Henry County Court House located?
A. 101 Court Square Abbeville, Alabama 36310

Q. Where do I find Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Alabama?
A. This information can be located on the Division of Addictions website.

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