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Road Department


The Henry County Road Department is responsible for the maintenance and construction of approximately 690 miles of county roads and 95 bridge structures. Maintenance operations primarily include pavement patching and repair, roadway shoulder maintenance, mowing of right-of-ways, maintaining proper roadway drainage, inspection and maintenance or repair of bridges and signage.


Henry County Road Department
1023 County Road 53
Abbeville, AL 36310
Hours: Mon- Thurs. 6:00 AM-4:30 PM

Phone: (334)585-2735 | Fax 334-585-2413


Chris Champion
County Engineer

Chad Granberry

Assistant County Engineer

Henry County Road and Bridge Policies

Driveway / Side pipe Installation Policy

Citizens requesting a driveway installation on Henry County Rights-of-Way should contact the Henry County Road Department at (334) 585-2735. A representative of the Road Department will inspect the potential driveway site in order to assess the feasibility and size of the pipe. The citizen will be contacted concerning the pipe size. Once the driveway pipe has been purchased by the citizen and delivered to the site, the citizen shall contact the Road Department and a work order will be written for the installation of the driveway. Installation of the pipe will be of no cost to the citizen. Only new reinforced concrete or new corrugated metal pipe will be installed on Henry County Rights-of-Way. Plastic, PVC, or smooth steel pipe is not allowed. The pipe shall be a minimum of 24 feet in length and a maximum of 64 feet in length. Any driveway that requires structures (manholes, drop boxes, junction boxes) in addition to a pipe will be installed by others and the design approved by the County Engineer. Any installation of a driveway by others on Henry County Rights-of-Way will require a driveway installation permit from the Henry County Road Department. Henry County reserves the right to refuse a driveway permit to any site that is impractical, cost prohibitive, or unsafe due to roadway geometry.

Passed, Adopted, and Approved by the Henry County Commission, February 10, 2009.


Mailbox / Permanent Structure Policy

Large mailboxes, high headwalls (extending more than 4″ above driveway elevation), or other permanent structures are unsafe and not approved for placement on Henry County Rights-of-Way. Mailbox posts should be the breakaway type (4″ X 4″ wood, 2″ diameter standard or aluminum pipe) design that does not pose a safety hazard for the traveling public or does not interfere with the function, maintenance, or operation of the county road system. Mailboxes placed on curbed roads posted at 25 mph or less and placed behind the curb are exempt from this policy.
Any mailbox or structure in existence at the enactment of this policy will have three months to remove said mailbox or structure before it is removed by county forces.


Private Water Line Policy

Private water lines, defined as water lines run from the meter box to the residence, are not allowed on Henry County Rights-of-Way. These lines are generally not laid at an acceptable depth and create maintenance problems on both dirt and paved roads in the county road system. Any private water lines laid before the enactment of this policy are subject to relocation upon discovery by county forces. If these lines are knowingly damaged during county maintenance or construction operations, county forces will turn the water off at the meter but the owner of the line is responsible for the relocation and / or repair of the line meeting county utility standards. Any exception to this policy will be handled on a case by case basis and require a Henry County Right-of-Way Utility permit which must be submitted to the County Engineer and approved by the Henry County Commission.


Passed, Adopted, and Approved by the Henry County Commission, February 10, 2009.

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