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Recording & Deeds


The Probate Judge is required to preserve all documents, files, papers, and orders together with attachments required by law to be recorded and filed in his/her office. These records must be kept in a manner to permit convenient reference. The recording and deeds office is located in the courthouse when you walk to the right.

***For all documents needing a response mailed back, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Vault Records

  • Marriages 1882 to the present.

  • Deeds 1822 to the present.

  • Mortgages 1912 to present.

  • Probate Court 1839 to the present.

  • Newspapers 1867 to the present.


Instruments to be Recorded
Probate Judges must keep large and well-bound books for recording, word for word, deeds, and mortgages, and all other instruments authorized to be recorded. These records are kept on microfilm or imaging systems in some counties.

The following records when executed in accordance with the law shall be admitted to record in the office of the Probate Judge:


  • Plats or maps

  • Judgments and liens

  • Deeds, mortgages, deeds of trust, bills of sale, contracts, or other documents purporting to convey any right, title, easement, or interest in any real estate or personal property, all assignments of mortgages.

  • Petitions, decrees, or orders of bankruptcy.

  • Corporations and other forms of business organizations.

  • Marriage licenses and military discharges

  • Documents and instruments concerning condominiums.

  • Mortgages on personal property. (Information above was gathered from Alabama Law Institute pamphlet 2001)

Henry County Probate Office Recording Fees

  • Transaction Fee on all instruments filed for record $5.00

  • Recording Fees for documents filed for recording irrespective of size type First Page is $6.00 and each Additional Page is $3.00

  • An Additional Fee for indexing each Name, in excess of two entered in the direct index or excess of two entered in the reverse index, includes each name more than two Grantors or Grantees, Mortgagors or Mortgagees, Lessors or Lessees, Transferors or Transferees, Assignors or Assignors or Assignees, Buyers or Sellers, Vendors or Vendees: $1.00 Per Name.

  • $0 - $500.00 = $ .50 or up to $500.01 - $1000.00 = $1.00 or Fraction Thereof.

  • Mortgage Tax per $100.00 = $ .15 or Per $1000.00 =$1.50 or Fraction Thereof.

  • Plats- Per Map $33.00.

  • Notary Public- Appointment for 4 years $32.00 (The Appointment for 4 years is now $58.00)

  • Articles of Incorporation for profit: Henry County Probate $58.00 and Secretary of State Fee $100.00.

  • Articles of Incorporation for Non-Profit: Henry County Probate Fee- $58.00 and Secretary of State Fee $100.00

  • Limited Liability Corporation: Secretary of State Fee $200.00, contact the Secretary of State (334)-242-5324

  • Claims Against Estate Fee – $14.00 and additional pages at $3.00 per page

  • Releasing Claims Against Estate Fee – $14.00 and additional pages at $3.00 per page.

  • Amendment: $100.00

  • Dissolution: $100.00

  • Power of Attorney (POA): One page is $13.00 and each additional page is $3.00


Any other questions or concerns about the above information contact the recording department at (334) 585-3371. Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.


Henry County Courthouse
101 Court Square STE. A
Abbeville, AL 36310
Hours: Mon- Thurs. 8:00 AM-4:00 PM

Phone: (334) 585-3371 

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