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Henry County Commission Votes to Increase Trash Fees

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

In the February 2023 County Commission meeting, Henry County Commissioners voted to increase the monthly trash pick-up fee from $15 to $17. This change is effective May 1, 2023. The $2 increase was due to the following factors:

  • The purchase of a new boom-knuckle truck was required.

  • Maintenance of the landfill where the garbage is discarded.

  • An increase in landfill pricing.

A $75 fee is required when setting up trash services for a new customer or new location. The County Commission will vote in their 2023 March meeting on whether to increase the price of service set-up. This is due to the price never going up when the county passed out standard-issued cans a few years ago. According to the Supervisor of the Solid Waste Department, Matthew Quincey, the cost of the standard-issued garbage cans is actually costing an additional $90.16 more than the customer is charged.

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