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Motor Vehicles & Trailers

Motor Vehicle & Trailer Registration

Not sure what to bring? Check out our Checklist!

Please be sure that you have your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and the correct tag receipt(s) for all vehicles you wish to renew. Our office will not be responsible for any penalties accrued if you fail to purchase your tag(s) in the renewal month.


***All Vehicles must be Insured before you can Renew or Purchase a New Tag.

Motor Vehicles Titles and Registration

All Out-Of-State vehicles must be inspected by us when you register or you can click here to print our inspection form. Contact your local police or sheriff’s department to come to your home, inspect your vehicle, and fill out the form.


Click here to print our application for disability access parking credentials.

1985 or Older Vehicle

  • Vehicle Last tag Registration

  • Bill of Sale

  • Vehicle has to be present (or Motor Vehicle Inspection by a Government Official)

Click here for more information.

Personalized Tags

View Tag Type Options

Reserve a Personalized plate

Manufactured Mobile Homes

As of January 1, 2012, the title records for motor vehicles will no longer be maintained due to the motor vehicle being exempt from tilting by statute or rules. No Title records are required to be maintained by the Department of Revenue for any motor vehicle or manufactured home exempted from titling under the provisions of Chapters 8 or 20 of Title 32, Code of Alabama 1975, or any rules promulgated thereunder:

  • Trailers with more than twenty (20) model years

  • Manufactured homes more than twenty (20) model years old

  • Motor vehicles more than third-five (35) model years old

  • All low-speed vehicles as previously defined in this memorandum.

Utility Trailers

New Purchase

  • Bill of sale

  • Certificate of origin (if bought from the dealership)

  • Previous Registration (if bought used)

Acceptable Forms of IDs and Primary Documents

  • Certified U.S. birth certificate issued by an agency designated by the state or federal authority.

  • U.S. passport.

  • Alabama identification card.

  • Alabama driver’s license.

  • Certificate of naturalization.

  • Certificate of citizenship.

  • U.S. certificate of birth abroad.

  • Resident alien card.

  • Valid foreign passport with valid U.S. immigration document.

Secondary Documents

  • U.S. state-issued driver’s license or non-driver ID card.

  • Current international driver’s license/permit.

  • Marriage license.

  • U.S. armed forces driver’s license.

  • U.S. military DD-214.

  • A professional license issued by a state or federal agency.

  • Selective Service card.

  • Veterans Administration card.

  • Current medical insurance identification card.

  • U.S. military ID card.

  • ID card issued by school with photo.

  • School enrollment form (DL-1/93).

  • Certified school record:

  • Certified letter from school;

  • GED certificate;

  • Certificate of graduation.

  • W-2 tax form, along with a copy of the previous year’s filed forms (tax return).

  • Documents from a court of record:

       - Divorce decree

       - Adoption decree

       - Name-change decree

       - Bankruptcy decree

       - Probation or release documents issued by the state or federal department of correction with a photo ID card              issued by the same authority, or felon ID card issued by the sheriff of the county of the applicant’s release.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I have to be present to register or renew a vehicle or can I send someone?

A: In order to send someone to renew your tag, they need to bring your driver’s license and current insurance with them. Sending someone to register your vehicle or trailer requires a Power of Attorney Form, your driver’s license, and other necessary documents needed to complete registration found on our Checklist.

Q: Can I get a quote for my vehicle tag?

A: Fees are based on the value of the vehicle and cannot be quoted until the paperwork is completed in our office.

Q: How long do I have to register a new vehicle?

A: You have 20 calendar days from the date of purchase to register your new vehicle, after that there is a $15.00 penalty.

Q: I forgot to renew my tag within my designated renewal month. Can I still renew it?

A: Yes you can still renew it but there will be a $15.00 penalty for failure to renew your tag within your designated renewal month.

Q: I just moved to Alabama from out-of-state. How long do I have to register my vehicle with the Alabama DMV?

A: You have 30 days, after entering the state, to register your vehicle in Alabama. After that, there is a $15.00 penalty for failure to register a vehicle with a valid out-of-state license plate.

Q: What information does my bill of sale need to have?

A: Please click here to download a copy of our blank bill of sale.

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