E-911 Address System

How are Addresses Issued? In most of Henry County, we used a measured system to determine your address number. There are 1,000 numbers in each mile, or one address each 5.28 feet. (A mile is 5,280 feet) This system is very easy to use for emergency responders, mail and delivery services.

Examples of addresses - If the distance to your home from the starting point of the road is X, then your address = Y


A Distance of Adddress #
52 feet 10
100 feet 18
528 feet (1/10 mile) 100
1/2 mile 500
1 mile 1000
5 miles 5000

You can see that an address number can easily be determined by anyone looking for a specific address.

Even numbers are on the right and odd numbers are on the left if you are traveling in the same direction the numbers are assigned.

When the emergency units are responding to an urgent situation and hear an address of 5750 they know it is 5-3/4 miles from the starting point, on the right, to this address.

E-911 Director

Chad Sowell



EMA Director

Ronnie Dollar